Introduction to
The BRADBURY Mailing List

BRADBURY-L is a 'no-cost' email based forum for subscribers to discuss aspects of the
history, geography and genealogy
of this large and extensive surname group.

We are a group of people who, like you, are interested in the genealogy, the history and the geography of the BRADBURY surname, that have been recorded in documents over time and space.

The principal spelling variation that has been recognized to date is BRADBERRY.

Discussion in this group will focus on *any* aspect that interests you, the subscriber, and may relate to:

  • individuals or family groups carrying one of these surnames or one of the many spelling variations,
  • conjectured origins of the various surname groupings,
  • the migration of the name,
  • patterns of spelling over time and place,
  • stories and anecdotes about the name,
  • your research into any aspect of the name,
  • queries you have about ancestral relationships,
  • lost persons,
  • announcements of research reports,
  • look-up requests / look-up offers,
  • pointers to more information,
  • offers to buy/sell/trade reference materials and resources related to the focus of this List (and subject to the Policies outlined below), as surplused from your own private collection,
  • Family Reunion announcements,
  • and so on....

    You are invited and encouraged to participate actively.
    Any discussions will depend on you to be an active participant and supporter of our collective interests.

    The Listowner's interest in the BRADBURY surname originates from the many instances of the surname in Newfoundland.
    Three major surname groups can be distinguished, each separable along religious lines - Anglican/Episcopalian, Methodist, and Roman Catholic, but Salvation Army and other lesser denominations have also been noted.

    As well, people and family groups who bear the BRADBURY or BRADBERRY surname seem to be geographically dispersed (on Newfoundland, at least) along lines of their predominant religious beliefs and practices.

    And while the Listowner's interest in the BRADBURY surname originates from Newfoundland, there are instances of the surname from throughout the western cultural world.

    This List invites and encourages discussion about the surname from any location! Queries, discussions, and opinions about the old world origins of the surname and persons bearing the name will be of utmost interest to all subscribers.

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    but again, only to valid subscribers.

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