The BRADBURY Mailing List

BRADBURY-L is a 'no-cost' email based forum for subscribers to discuss aspects of the
history, geography and genealogy
of this large and extensive surname group.

Discussions with several BRADBURY researchers, which took place in early 1998, indicated that a BRADBURY Surname Interest Mailing List would be of interest and value.

Groundwork for the List was completed in July, and the List became active on August 18, 1998. The first public announcements about the List's existence, and calls for subscriptions, were issued a few days later.

The List is managed through the use of LSoft's LISTSERV software (Version 1.8c)
on a server which is located on the campus of Queen's University, at Kingston, Ontario.
The University's contribution and committment to this operation is gratefully acknowledged.

Server space to host these pages is provided by Bruce Murduck
(Small cash Donations to help offset the costs are thankfully received...)

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