The BRADBURY Mailing List

BRADBURY-L is a 'no-cost' email based forum for subscribers to discuss aspects of the
history, geography and genealogy
of this large and extensive surname group.

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Direct-to-the-List posting of COMMERCIAL ADVERTS is NOT permitted.

Neither will direct postings by those with commercial signature files, or by those whose business name is included in either their 'From:' or 'Reply To:' email fields be viewed as acceptable.

Any person or group, including Commercial Professionals - Researchers, Historians, Geographers, Cartographers, Genealogists, Authors, Compilers, Retailers and service and product providers of all kinds, are more than welcome to subscribe to this List in the same fashion as any other private individual - but, as noted above, postings from such individuals are not permissible where either their 'From:' and/or 'Reply to:' email fields and/or their signature files contain any business or commercial naming or other identifier, or their message content is of a commercial nature.

At present this List is devoted to un-moderated discussion concerning aspects of the history, the geography, and the genealogy of individuals and families within the BRADBURY surname group, and will be free of overt commercial market content.

Subscribers are free to ask for names, addresses, and assistance with obtaining commercial services and products - but any response to such a request from anyone who either has a direct commercial interest or from anyone who wishes to suggest or promote a particular service or product must be sent to that subscriber VIA PRIVATE MAIL.

Recognizing that genealogial pursuits can often cross greyish boundaries, and also recognizing that in today's socio-political climates some groups must resort to mild forms of 'commercialism', BRADBURY-L will accept direct-to-the-List postings by, about, from, to, and in support of valid and bona-fide Genealogical Societies, Family Societies, Public Libraries, records preservation associations (such as Ontario's APOLROD), and so on. This policy aspect is subject to a case-by-case review.

It is expected that the inclusion of identifiers or names of any commercial sponsor of these 'grey' bodies will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Postings sent by individual subscribers who wish to announce look-up offers, surplus items for sale from their own collections, good lawn or auction sale bargains, and so on, will be accepted. But this usage will be monitored and the Policy may be altered if it is recognized that the option is being abused.

Commercial interests may, if they wish, submit text to the Listowner for editorial review and possible subsequent distribution to the List by the Listowner. Each such item submitted would, if distribution to the List by the Listowner was approved (possibly after unspecified editing), be distributed under the generic heading "Commercial Posting..."

Anyone who wishes to post a message to the list but is unsure if that message will be acceptable in light of this policy, is encouraged to first submit it to the Listowner for review. An editorial decision will usually be rendered within 24 hours.

Any subscriber who disregards this policy will be REMOVED from the List, and will be RESTRICTED from re-subscribing.

This List Policy may be superceded by in-place or to-be-installed Policies under which Queen's University finds itself and its servers because of present or future network linkages, and is subject to the discretion of University Listserv and other ITS management decisions.

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