The Eastern Ontario Mailing List

EONTGEN-L is a 'no-cost' email based forum for subscribers to discuss aspects of the
history, geography, and genealogy of people, places, and events
from within the the entire eastern area of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Early in 1997 the need for a low-cost, readily accessible, interactive forum for discussing issues relating to the history, geography, and genealogy of people, places, and events in the entire Eastern Ontario region was identified.

The groundwork for the EONTGEN-L was laid, and the List became operational on Friday May 16 1997. After extensive testing, and widespread promotion, the first messages passed through the List in early July.

At the present time (mid November, 1998) the List handles messages from more than 600 subscriptions.

The List is managed through the use of LISTSERV software (Version 1.8c)
on a server which is located on the campus of Queen's University, at Kingston, Ontario.
The University's contribution and committment to this operation is gratefully acknowledged.

Server space to host these pages is provided by Bruce Murduck
(Small cash Donations to help offset the costs are thankfully received...)

The Listowner is:

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Bruce Murduck, if you experience any difficulties with this List service!

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